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Crowdrush is a vibrant community of active Kickstarter Superbackers, created in 2016. Every week, we send out our newsletter with new and interesting campaigns to them to check out and support.

If you're a creator, you have the option of submitting your campaigns to our newsletter. We know you're on Kickstarter to raise funds, and not to spend them - that's why our packages start at $49 and we offer a full guarantee that you'll make at least what you paid in new pledges from our subscribers, or your money back.

Our newsletter is sent out every Wednesday evening, but we're usually fully booked for the week by Monday. Don't hestitate to shoot us an email if you have any questions.

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Boost your campaign with all these perks:
- Standalone Email to Subscribers.
- Newsletter Promotion (4 weeks).
- Posted on all our social media (Twitter & Instagram).
- A pinned post on our social media (Twitter or Instagram).
- Posted on Homepage (duration of campaign).
- Moneyback Guarantee.*

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*money back guarantee applies in the event that we fail to fulfill our promise after your campaign has ended. For it to apply it is imperative that you hang this banner in your campaign's description, linking back to our homepage.
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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Newsletter Stats

    How many people are subscribed?

    As of September 2017, we're nearing 500 active subscribers.

    What's the open and click-through rate?

    Our open rates hover around 50% and of those who open, 20% click on at least one campaign. Nearly 50% of clicks result in conversions.

    How often is the newsletter sent out?

    We send out the newsletter every Wednesday - however there are limited spaces. It's best to order with at least two weeks left in your campaign.

  • Perks for Subscribers

    Do I have to offer a bonus perk for subscribers?

    Yes. You must offer priority fulfillment and at least one other bonus (free sticker, pen, note, etc). These bonus perks are why our members are subscribed and why we see such high engagement from them.

    How do I know who's a subscriber?

    During your campaign, you don't have to worry about keeping track of who's a subscriber and who isn't. We send a full report with stats, names and amounts at the end of your campaign.

  • Moneyback Guarantee

    How does the guarantee work?

    If you're on Kickstarter, you're looking to raise funds - not spend them! That's why we offer a full refund if you're not happy with the results. We're that confident.